Hi! I’m Jenna!

Rover Exposed is a dream many years in the making, even if I didn’t always have a clear vision for the sort of photography I’d “focus” on (pardon the pun).

Here I am, taking a pinhole photo of Cheonjeyeon Falls on Jeju Island, South Korea

Here I am, taking a pinhole photo of Cheonjeyeon Falls on Jeju Island, South Korea

Even longer than I’ve loved photography, I’ve loved animals.

I’ve shared my life with a tamed (toilet trained) feral cat, a Chihuahua at one end of the spectrum and a giant Akita at the other, the world’s coolest Guinea Pig, and a bevvy of other kitties, ratties, hamsters, and even a singing budgie who knew the theme song to Bonanza.

I now live with my hilarious, snorty, gaseous (World’s Most Expensive®) Pug and Pug mix, Wallace and Gromit, a Foxhound and fiery redhead named Ginger, an elderly Siamese/tabby Mochi, a hilarious cat named Miss Cleo who prefers living in a closet, a dapper snowshoe named Dandy, and an obese, slightly broken, fluffy rescue kitty named Maisey. Seven pets not sound like enough? Add in the chickens, Miss Mona, Hot Pie, JK, Phyllis, Cadbury, Cochese, and Dumpling.

New to the Portland area a few years ago, my love affair with photography was heightened thanks to the surrounding scenery, lifestyle, and friends. After winning a dream vacation to South Korea (courtesy of Travel and Leisure Magazine) with my portrait turned meme of my dog, Wallace, I decided to turn RoverExposed into a “lifestyle portrait” business for other furbabies.

I cannot imagine my life without pets, mine or yours, and I look forward to sharing my fuzzy/cute/drooly/snorty/hilarious adventures with you all. I don’t mind dog kisses, dog hair, or rolling in the mud and snow with your pet to catch them doing what they do best – be a happy pet!

Portland Gothic

Portland Gothic

I also spent years photographing weddings both on my own and alongside a friend, whose Portland/San Francisco/and beyond based wedding photography business took us all over the country. I’ve even been conned by friends to fly to Mexico to shoot a wedding – it’s not all dogs all the time, you know.

Senior portraits, family portraits, I’ve done it all. But…I really, really love pets!

Whether I’m hunting a rare waterfall, sneaking up on a flower, sitting down to an amazing meal, baking up a storm in my kitchen, or frolicking on a beach at sunset, I’m is always planning my next adventure. I love stamping my passport, racking up airline miles, and spending time with friends.

I’m an excitable girl who loves a good story – and can probably tell you one in return. Oh, and I love to talk photography. I can’t wait to talk with you!



me and one of my cameras, taken by a talented

me and one of my cameras, taken by a talented friend


Want to talk? It’s easy!

call me: 503.309.3760

email me: sit@roverexposed.com

or send a snail mail: PO Box 3883, Portland OR, 97208

the last name is a doozy: Jenna Van Valen (yep. two words.)